Meet the Team


Morgan Blair is the Founder and Creative Director of Unpolished Journey. She is the older sister of Emily Blair, who is now Co-director at Unpolished.  Morgan is a recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she studied writing, video, and art therapy. After struggling with an eating disorder for over a decade now, Morgan created Unpolished Journey with the intention of forming a community where recovery and life could coexist.  Through her own recovery journey, Morgan has learned that no matter what passions she pursues in life – whether that be her affinity for scuba diving, her love of art, or desire to help others – recovery must hold a firm presence in all her affairs.


Emily Blair is the Director of Operations of Unpolished Journey.  Emily has been a supporter of Morgan, her older sister, through her battle against her eating disorder.  Emily has also dealt with her own mental health challenges, including depression and anxiety, as well as a negative relationship with her body and food.  Her sister was and is her inspiration to seek out and continue to seek out peace of mind, body, and spirit within herself.  She currently attends Loyola University of Chicago, where she is studying Human Services, with a focus in mental health, Education Policy, and Spanish.  She also has a deep love for karate which has been an integral part of her own recovery, as she believes it is a way to build up a spirit of empowerment.


Gracie Mayer is a contributing writer and Facebook manager for Unpolished Journey.  Gracie is friend of both Morgan and Emily Blair and excited to join forces as a team member for Unpolished Journey.  Gracie has battled an eating disorder for about six years and met Morgan at an eating disorder treatment center in Chicago.  They were brought together by their conviction to create a community for recovery to thrive.  They were determined to share their experience, strength and hope with others.  Gracie is currently studying to get a Master’s in Social Work from Dominican University.  Gracie is a passionate advocate for mental health and eating disorder awareness.  She hopes to be a resource and activist around challenging the ideal, societal standards for beauty.  Gracie can often be found singing, getting new tattoos or practicing yoga on any surface available.

Madeline McCallum is a contributing writer for Unpolished Journey. Originally from South Carolina, she recently relocated to London to begin a new adventure overseas. Her passions include writing, picking wildflowers, collecting too many skincare products, fashion, and smushy-faced dogs. She is interested in the intersection of psychology and tech, and she currently works in digital strategy, where she gets to indulge both her creative and analytic sides. Madeline spent over half a decade in the death grip of an eating disorder and has made it her mission to spread the joy and incredible light she has discovered along her recovery journey. She has found writing extremely helpful in both processing the darkness that used to silence her and also in allowing her to lean fully into a future that is uncertain. She hopes to help others through their pain and to make the world a little bit less lonely. You can find more of her life musings at