New Ideas Pending


So I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I want this space to look like.  I knew when I first started this blog that I did not want it to be a typical recanting of the difficulties and anxieties felt through recovery from mental illness, nor did I want it to be a preaching of self-help and inspirational mantras.  Since the start of the blog though, I have struggled to find an image, theme, or concept that is individual to my journey, but still is able to touch the experiences of others.

While sitting in class yesterday afternoon, I had a thought that seemed like an exciting and powerful new direction for my blog because previously I have just felt confusion and ambivalence towards it.  I mean, in all actuality not many read this blog and that partially has to do with the fact that it is hard to get people to view your page and partially because it is a messy jumbled in-cohesive collection half the time.

In the spirit of trying to make my blog into something I feel has more direction and meaning, I am going to start using this space to posts stories that depict different mental illnesses as either I have experienced personally, or people close to me have experienced.

Maybe this will be give you a clearer picture of what this will look like: The first of these stories will be on Bulimia and will be called Fluffy Puppies Leak Poisonous Gas and I will post it in the next couple of days.

I am optimistic about this new project and hope that people who stumbled upon this blog will find a way to connect with the coming creative writing pieces.  My wish is simply to give people an outlet in which to connect, share, and externalize their struggles.