Air is Reminiscent


A poem that came to fruition after a heavy day leaving me exhausted by the idea of life.  Not that it wasn’t beautiful, because life is and always will be caked in beauty.  But that life is hard and scary and unpredictable.  That navigating the ups and downs of not only life, but life in the context of recovery is exhausting. That is where the metaphor of air comes from because it is the basis for everything.  Breathing reminds us we are alive and the lungs are the gateway to that source of life. All is too much and too little at the same time, but worth every moment spent seeking meaning in the waves of circumstance.

For the ups and downs of your days, here is a poem:

Air is reminiscent

Of a thousand tongues,

Whose language is of rhyme.

Voices become isolated

As air is from the eyes.

The lungs speak true

Sounds of a forgotten time.

Oxygen dissipates

Ancient of the calendar.

Fossils resonate in stone

Of once conscious lungs.

Living is warm, but icicles

Have voided the passageway

Between the lungs and throat.

Gasping. Trying. Choking.

Air is reminiscent

Of another time

Where oxygen was tangible

And lungs were attainable.