Wildly abstract, he is a man not of this world. Who walks on earth as real as every being, but who sees through gifted pupils dilated into the synchronization of the realm of immortality. The man is seen as crazed, an animal of sorts to the common passerby for his sporadic thoughts and grandiose intentions. Mad? Perhaps, but is not madness the gateway to the dimensions we all desire to be a part of? Love, intellect, courage, intuition, when were such things gained on the constraints of knowledge already mastered. Rather, for a glimpse to the realm beyond our world, the lens the mad man possesses is necessary.

dc9611e9ac83c553ab62bbb30b971d56Those who are seers of things immortal still have the wings God blessed them with at birth. They still hold the skill and ability to soar among the heavens, gaining perspective of immortal ways. The ways, which house the parts of the soul that foster life in motion: love, intellect, courage, intuition. These parts are rooted in the madness of new thoughts and new ideas, which in turn become the birth of pioneers enlightened about what truly matters. While those bogged down by doubts and insecurities allow their heavenly wings to be clipped sentencing them to a life chained to the limits of gravity, and therefore only able to know forms of knowledge previously taught. Through his philosophy of recreating thought the mad man transcends mortality, but the common man takes what is taught to him as truth, never bothering to question the validity of the book’s words.

Then how is madness not truly the end goal? How is it that the world looks to the mad and shames them for their ability to see beyond the scope of what is known? Seeing should be honored with the highest of rankings for an ability to know the true beauty in new thought is an ability to know God even when bound to life on earth.23.-Quantum-Entanglement-Copy

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