Heaven gained an angel last night as my 16 year old cousin, who was very near and dear to my heart, was killed in a car accident.  Life is fleeting.  Moments are numbered.  Love is eternal.  This poem is for Andrew Keithley.


“They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it. Death cannot kill what never dies.”

I can’t explain,

The tearing in my chest.

Cutting, burning, ripping

Out at my fragile breast.

It is just there,

Slicing at my soul,

At my heart,

At my spirit.

Life is a violent work of art.

And I can’t explain…


This Heartbreak.

This Unmentionable Heartbreak.


16. You were just 16.

So cruel to steal,

To rip away someone so young.

A violent act,

I feel it in my chest.

You were loved.

By me,

By them,

By us.


…I will always love you so much.


I hear your dad’s voice,

“We are going to make it”.

You are and you will

Forever engrained on my soul

A precious jewel

A spark of light

Who made it:

Tattooed forever in my mind.

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  1. Beautiful poem…we will never understand until we are on the other side. Love how you can put feelings into words.

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