A Meaningful Life


Standing on a shoreline, waters teasingly crash in and out, in and out.  Sand fills the space between my toes-rough, discomfort.  I feel it. I know I am here. Clear skies, a bright deep blue.  Their color is a gift.  My lips turn upward and my chest is heavy.  I am static wishing to leap forward.  I try but the sand, is like cement.  It grabs at my ankles.  It is unbreakable.  I am locked in it, trapped.

The waters are speckled with a thousand diamonds. The waves rise and fall with opportunity and promise.  Out, far among, far within the depths is where possibilities unfold.  I know because when you are surrounded, thrust into a place too rough to stay afloat, it is there that one learns to swim, learns to survive.

Then a great wall of water rushes towards me.  It rumbles like thunder and flashes with lightning.  Not the deep blue that the waters once were but now dark and menacing.  I want to run, but I am trapped.  I want to scream, but I have no voice.  Then, with an intensity words cannot describe the wall crashes down on me.  It suffocates me.  I am pulled outward.

As quickly as the impact came, it ends.  The wave, once so dark, so strong dissipates and I am left in the depths where I always wished to be. Never been out before, I began to panic.  I began to sink.  Down. Down. Down.  Things begin to get dark once more. Still no voice, I cannot scream out.

A hand,

Powerful, calloused, large appears shining above me.  I reach out and find a rush of peace. Upward I am pulled and I break the surface.  Until I can see the blue diamond waters all around me, until I can bask in the brilliance of the sun above.  Now at the surface, the waters move with me, not against.  Up and down I rise and fall. One by one I am now able to invite other, the one’s I love still stuck on shore to join me.  Together we begin to live in the depths where possibilities unfold.

Intuition becomes me guide and acceptance keeps me afloat.  I keep a firm grip on that strong hand and never let go. No longer does hate and darkness control me.  No longer am I a prisoner to the sand, a victim to the waves. I am able to speak again, feel again, hear again, and find within me to truly love. Life is starting to have a direction, a purpose, a future.  Each moment I have the choice between light and dark. Peace is slowing finding me.  Peace is slowing filling me.  These things show me, I am beginning to know my meaningful life.