Close your eyes and let me take you to the world I know.

Dead grass of a stark, barren field,

Black crows, an emblem, cooing over nothingness.

A vortex of cries, endlessly reverberating over your shaken bones.

Digest the darkness before taking a step.

Swim in the darkness.

Hold it as it pierces your searching hands.

Suffocate in the blood soaked fog.

Swallow the remains of once was.

Where you are standing is a minefield.

One step could signify the end.

Walk on glass, breathe in crimson, listen to the orchestration of danger’s call.

Everything becomes nothing.

Nothingness becomes your shield, to hold it is to never loose.

Shield in hand, a breath tasting of invincibility propels you forward.

Unfortunate as the single step activates the darkness to pierce your every part,

A minefield of unpredictability,

The one step holds the one thing you still own- your existence.