“We Will Be Changed”

To the old woman with the saggy boobs and long hippy hair, I see a reflection of myself in you. We are entangled in each other’s presences. The sway that you walk with, the hunch in your shoulders, the way your unsupported breasts move beneath your purple t-shirt. With your high-waisted silk pants and untrimmed hair, you are not like others I may pass. Something fleeting, yet significant, caught my attention and, for that reason, I am connected to you. We don’t know each other. We may never know each other. But we will be entangled in one another. And I thank you for passing me on the street because I see a reflection who I am working to be in you.

To the woman at the Seryn concert. The one that stood up when everyone was sitting. The one that danced alone and unashamed on the dance floor. I see a something in you that I want. An uninhibited confidence lacking the fear of being seen. Not ashamed by the stares or the surrounding spectators’ laughter at your choppy movements, but relishing in the moment and bathing in the music.  I see a future self in you.

To my friend with the accent. You don’t let your broken English hold back your words. You speak your ideas though those around may not understand. You speak your opinions though they aren’t articulated clearly. I wish I were brave like you. I wish my words didn’t cause me so much anxiety. I wish that I could throw my voice out into the room, whether people understood my point or not. I see strength in your accent. I see bravery in your voice. I hope in my time spent with you that some of those traits will flood onto my depleted supply of confidence.

To the many strangers around me as I sit here with my feet tapping and my mind racing. All strangers in a coffee shop. So many, I don’t know their names or their stories, but somehow, today, in this moment I feel as though everyone is connected. I haven’t uttered a word to any of the strangers around me. We’ve never met, but we are the same. Me and the large man with the running noise, me and the short woman in black, me with the lonely faced man in the corner, and them with me. Lost, confused, just a rushing glimpse, here and then gone. It is not upsetting. It is not something I wish to change. It is something beautiful. That we all may be orchestrated, choreographed to dance around each other in perfect harmony. Brushing past one another. A quick encounter. One we won’t remember, but will remember us. Shaping us, shifting our path so that we may end up where we are intended to be.

(Below is a video of the band Seryn’s song, “We Will Be Changed”.  Relate it how you want to this idea of entanglement in the people you encounter.  I, for one, see a strong correlation in the lyrics.)